Our Partnerships


We believe in forming good partnerships with people and organizations that are already doing beautiful work in our community. Here are some of our mission partners.


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Walnut elementary School partnership 

Churches and public schools haven’t always mixed very well. We felt that needed to change so we formed a wonderful partnership with Walnut. We love kids and wanted to find ways to support families in our community. In conjunction with Walnut, we started the Lightshine Tutoring Program, on Tuesday afternoons where we tutor around 20 students who need some extra support.

Along with the Lightshine Tutoring Program, we also have ACTION Serve Days where we work to improve the Walnut campus and support teachers with much needed supplies and occasional food and coffee! Click here to read our featured story in the Thousand Oaks Acorn newspaper.

Want to help? Contact Steve Arndt for more information at steve@arndt.net.

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