About Lightshine

In 2013, a group of about 15 people got together to listen and dream about what a new church could become. Our desire was to discern together what God was already up to in our community and then join in that work as partners in mission.

Things we love: small church, hospitality, shared leadership (not staff driven), food, being an integral part our larger community, church planting, good coffee, generosity and having fun.


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Our Mission

Lightshine exists to connect people to Jesus in order to join with the Spirit as partners in God’s mission in the world. We exist not only for ourselves, but for the community around us. In all that we do…..we want to gather well and scatter better.

No matter who you are, where you are in your faith journey, or what you believe, you will find a wide and welcoming embrace in this community.

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Why We Scatter


Two Expressions of the Church:

- what happens when a church comes together.

Scattered - what happens when the church disperses for the other 167 hours of the week.

Historically the church has gathered well but at times, it feels as if we have lost our missional footing. We like to say “gather well, scatter better” as we seek to live into God’s desire to send us into our neighborhoods and communities as followers of Jesus Christ.

We don’t have everything figured out, so we assume a humble and friendly posture toward our community. Our generosity, high participation at the community level, and commitment to service are a few of the things that make us unique in the church landscape of the Conejo Valley.


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How We Scatter

1. Move Out: Luke 10:2 (GO)

  • God is not only active in church buildings! God is at work in every human heart and in every human community.

  • We want to join God where the Spirit is already actively engaging people.

  • We move outward with humility as we learn together how to be more faithful.

2. Move In: John 1:14 (EMBODY)

  • The church is the body of Christ; Christ’s tangible hands and feet.

  • As we embody the good news of Jesus, we move into the neighborhood in order to develop roots and foster deeper connections.

3. Move Alongside: Matthew 28:16-20 (CONNECT)

  • If we go and embody well, we will connect with people of every kind.

  • We enjoy making friends because you can’t make a disciple without first making a friend.

  • Finally, we want to walk alongside each other and those we meet. We want to partner well with people and organizations that are already doing great work consistent with our values and the values of the kingdom of God.

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Meet the Staff

Dustin, Rob, Jeff, & Shay

Dustin, Rob, Jeff, & Shay


Rob Douglas - Organizing Pastor

Jeff Bonhiver - Worship Leader

Shay McReynolds - Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Dustin Higgins - AV Guru